RENT a 2-Bedroom Townhome in Pierceland.
Each unit has 3 levels - lots of room!
BEST VALUE in the area!

Enjoy a pleasant and short commute to Cold Lake on a newly upgraded highway.
(Many of our Tenants work in Alberta.)

What Kinds of Tenants are Welcomed at Grandview Apartments?

     • Stable / Good Credit

     • Employed / Regular Income

     • Non-Smoking

• Quiet after 11:00pm

• Children Negotiable

• Pets Negotiable

Q: "Utilities are included?"

Amazingly, utilities are included, except for electricity. Just add 70.00 per month along with the rent. Then you don't need to set up an account with Saskpower. If the actual power bill fluctuates wildly, we'll connect with you and adjust the monthly amount. For most tenants, 70.00 has shown to be a typical monthly average over the course of a year.

Compare this offer with other places and you'll see that this can amount to hundreds of dollars in savings for you.

Note: Phone/WIFI/cable/ isn't included. Tenants can set up satellite dishes on their back decks (only there). Consider Sasktel's TV service. They have very good internet and phone service also.

Q: "What's the current rental price?"

For new leases created during 2020: If you agree to a 12-month lease and stay for the entire term, rent is 895.00 per month.

For terms shorter than 12 months, the rent is 995.00 per month, without discounts.

Q: "What about appliances?"

We supply Fridge, Stove, Washer, & Dryer. Save money on laundry! (Your laundry only, please).

Q: "What about Parking?"

We supply 2 spots per unit (outside, uncovered). There's also street parking in the front of the building. There's an duplex outlet available to plug in your vehicle(s).

Q: "The photos look great! Is this what my unit will be like?"

The photos above show one or more of the better units. Most units have laminate flooring. See the Youtube video on this page.

Each unit has 2 bedrooms. The master bedroom is quite large, especially compared to ones found in modern construction. There's one washroom, on the top floor.

Q: "What are the other tenants like?"

They are mostly Working People between ages 20-40.

Q: "What's it like living in Pierceland?"

It's a small, peaceful community.

Q: "Is it possible to move in mid-month?"

Yes, if we have a unit available. You'd simply pay the pro-rated daily amount until the beginning of the next month. We charge the the basic monthly rental rate x 12, then divide by 365 to determine the daily amount. For example: $895 x 12 then divided by 365 means $29.43 per day for "Advanced Access".

Q: "What about storage?"

There's plenty of storage in the basement. Notice the washer and dryer for size comparison.

Q: "Myself, my wife, 4 kids and my uncle want to move in."

These are 2 bedroom units with only one bathroom. We have a maximum of 3 occupants per unit, and each child counts as an occupant.

Q: "I Like the place, but I'm not sure I can afford it."

Living in the north has additional costs for basic living expenses (food, transportation, limited choice of services). Here's a guide for realistic household minimums:

One Person: Clear 1,800.00 monthly
Two People: Clear 2,300.00 monthly
Three People: Clear 2,800.00 monthly

Important Notes:

• A minimum 6-month lease is initially required.

• First month's rent and 1/3 Security Deposit is due at lease signing. The balance of the Security Deposit must be paid with the next 2 rent payments.

• Describe your pet accurately on the application form. Quiet & non-aggressive pets only; we hold the final decision on whether your pet is allowed.

• Rent is usually paid to us online with INTERAC e-TransferŽ.

Remember, Grandview Apartments is the best value in the Cold Lake / Pierceland area. Nothing else compares!

Like What You See?

Most people do! If you're seriously interested, Apply here. Be thorough - we're selective based on character references and financial qualifications. If you seem like a good fit for the building, we'll arrange a walk-through.

If you just have a question, ask us here. Or call 1-800-588-9498 (leave a message if prompted.)


-The Grandview Apartments Team

Grandview Apartments a Division of Pierceland Properties Located in Pierceland, Saskatchewan
Best rental value for an apartment in the Cold Lake & Pierceland area.